Church Services
Church services are held at 9.30am and 6.00pm every Sunday. Creche and Sunday School are available in the morning service.

Small Groups
There are a number of small groups which meet regularly for fellowship and the study of God’s word. Four of these are based roughly on geographical location and meet every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 7.30 or 8.00pm at the home of a member. There is also a ladies KYB Bible Study group which meets every Tuesday morning.

Catechism Classes
Catechism classes are available for children to receive instruction in the Christian faith and doctrine and are normally held on a Monday or Tuesday night depending on age group. This generally commences in the year the children turn 13 and continues until they have completed the Senior Catechism class. Public Profession of Faith may take place at the end of this instruction process or during it. For adult new believers there is a New Kids on the Block class. Please contact the minister for more details.

Ladies Fellowship
Ladies Fellowship meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 9:30am at the homes of one of the ladies for a few hours of fellowship. This is a time of sharing from the word of God, sometimes doing crafts, outings, and other activities.

Cadets is a club for boys from 8 – 15 years. The boys have a lot of fun with
Cadet Triathlon 2011 activities including Bible study, badge and craft work, outings, games, and camps. They meet fortnightly on Fridays at the church building from 7:00pm till 9:00pm.
Cadets web site.


Gems is a club for girls from 8 – 15 years. The girls undertake Bible studies, badge and craft work, games, outings, and camps. They meet fortnightly at the church building on Fridays from 7:00pm until 9:00pm.

Sunday School
Sunday School is a time of worship, learning and fun for children 3-4 years old, pre-schoolers and Years 1 and 2. Together with teachers and helpers the children participate in prayer and singing to the Lord, contribute to an offering, (supporting a sponsor child), and learn from the many Bible stories and activities. The children attend the morning service for a short time and after a childrens’ talk leave for Sunday School.

A creche is available during the morning service to care for children from 0-3 years of age.

Youth Group
Youth Group meets every Friday at 7.30pm generally at the Church but also at other locations for a time of fun and fellowship. Bible study, games and activities are part of the program. Young people aged 14 to 17 are very welcome to join.

Young Adults
Young adults have been incorporated into the various small groups..

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